I’m happy to talk at events and teach others through lectures and workshops. My latest gigs include Hyper Island, Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden and Linköping University. Contact me if you want me to speak.

Topics I've covered in the past:

Internet Wizardry - a practical guide to Online Marketing

Internet Wizardry - a practical guide to Online Marketing

Do you want to master Online Marketing? Then don't waste your time reading any of the 180+ million blog posts on the subject. Instead, what if I told you there is actually a recipe that can be taught? A recipe that the industry spend millions of dollars each year to test and perfect. In this lecture I'm sharing everything I've learned while working with Internet for the past twenty years. You'll get access to my daily toolbox and hands-on exercises that forms a step by step guide on how to market your project.

Venture Capital and Investments in early stage companies

Venture Capital and Investments in early stage companies

How do you fundraise? What is the process? How much money should you ask for? When? This lecture is my attempt to tell you what I wish someone told me when we started fundraising for our company. Back then we had to learn it all by ourselves through trial and error. There are no books or classes that can give you a better introduction. So, this lecture brings you up to speed on the ins and outs of venture capital. At the end you get a beginners guide that tells you how to bring investors into your new tech company.

My journey: How curiosity brought me here

My journey: How curiosity brought me here.

At the age of 9 I became a door-to-door salesman of holiday postcards. Other kids dreamt about becoming pilots, firefighters or policemen. I wanted to become a millionaire. And so, at age 18 working as a cashier at the local supermarket I made my highest monthly salary yet. One day I entered the bank to cash out my salary and I left with a receipt of a million wired to my account. I was living the dream for one minute until the banker called me back. There had been a "small" double digit error on the transaction. Still, I achieved my life goal. At age 18.

In this lecture I will tell you about my spectacular journey around the world. How to start, how to continue, how to stop, how to fight (for your life) and how to comeback. The focus of this lecture and the storyline is adapted at your request.

How to start a company - the improved Lean Startup approach

How to start a company - the improved Lean Startup approach

How do you know if your idea will lead to a sustainable business? Most people fail. Thankfully there is a framework that you can use to test and improve your business. This will increase your chances of success! Lend me your ears and I will tell you all about it. The framework has been invaluable to me when starting my own companies. It was also my research focus during my master thesis on Lean Startup.

The future is here

The future is near here

Our grand parents has gone through an insane transformation. From a scarce disconnected world with no electricity and no running water to what we have today. If you compare that to previous generations their transformation is wild. Still, most people think that our grand parents are unique. They haven't actually realised that the speed of change is accelerating. That means that we will go through an even bigger transformation than our grand parents! That helps you get into the right mindset of what is happening around us. Now imagine our kids, or our grand children and their generation. The next 10-20 years will include new unforeseen innovations. Innovations that is as life changing as e.g. internet and the smart phone.

What if I told you that within 10 years the following will likely happen:

  • A car ride of 8 hours is not a problem. Go to bed in your self driving car and wake up at your destination.
  • We will no longer use TVs or screens.
  • Huge 3D printers on Mars uses local sand as building material to produce habitable houses
  • All your conversations will be transcribed, indexed and searchable.

In this lecture I will use such examples to convince you that the innovation explosion is not ahead of us. It's happening now. We will take a closer look on the mechanics behind it. Then we look at the consequences of this development and how we can prepare ourselves.