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A Swedish company with a team of experts at server installation, hosting and management. They focus on automated installation of Message Queues, Real Time Data Streams and Databases - offered through three separate Software as a Servies. The company consists of a remote-first team where all the members has the privilage to choose any place in the world to work from. Sony, Wunderlist, Soundcloud, Heroku, Discovery Channel, Fortum and SvD are all example of some of the larger customers. And I have the privilege to work with this amazing team and to help the company grow even faster.

My tasks include: Online Marketing strategy, User Experience, Brand Strategy, Front End Development


UngDrive is a non-profit organization considered to offer the best entrepreneurial trainging program for youths in Sweden. Youths between the age of 15-18 are offered help to start a company during their summer holliday. The program consists of a 5-day crash course followed by 6-10 weeks online coaching with great results. The motto is "Dream big, start small" which resonates well with my believes. I'm currently working on bringing UngDrive to my home town Piteå and the Luleå region for the summer of 2017. Fingers crossed.

My tasks include: Project Leader in the North of Sweden, Coach


An organization with the goal to develop the most cost-efficient entrepreneurship training program in the world, focusing on youths in developing countries. Sister organization to UngDrive. During 2015 alone we trained 12,000 youths in Uganda with extraordinary results: cost per participant below $6/youth, 73% continues to run profitable businesses after the training and the companies hire on average 1.5 people (excluding the founder). The goal for 2017 is to scale up and find permanent financial contributors.

+ a few secret projects...



Jumpstarter developed a platform for developers to build, run and sell web applications. It was powered by a remarkable custom built container based hosting technology that spins up new Linux server instances in a few seconds. Over 10,000 developers used and loved the platform but we were unable to find a profitable market at the end. Together with my co-founders I opened offices in Stockholm and Berlin, hired 22 people and raised 13.9MSEK from business angels and VCs.

My role: Founder, CEO, Product Owner


Building tailor made web applications for internal use at industry companies.

Case study: Oerlikon Solar

Oerlikon Solar is a manufacturer of production equipment for the manufacturing of thin-film silicon cells, headquartered in Trübbach, Switzerland, near the border to Liechtenstein.

My role: Founder, Analyst, Front-end Developer

  • Omnicloud is a digital production company building enterprise-grade applications for customers such as ABB and OC Oerlikon. Omnicloud is also the creator of Melt, a PHP web development framework available under the open-source BSD License. As the co-founder, my role included all business-related aspects of the company as well as web development in PHP. JUL 2009 - AUG 2009 SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT INTERN OERLIKON SOLAR Oerlikon Solar is a global manufacturer of thin-film solar cells, and a part of the OC Oerlikon group. I developed an ERP software that helped them keep track of production data and boost productivity, saving thousands of dollars in manual labour..
  • MediaPeople


  • Best International Newcomer (Nordic Startup Awards), 2014
  • Student Entrepreneur of the Year (LiU), 2012
  • Best International Startup Sweden (Nordic Startup Awards), 2012
  • Best Cloud Startup finalist (EuroCloud), 2012
  • Web entrepreneur of the year (Sweden), 5th place 2011

Daniel MarklundDaniel Marklund

Piteå, Stockholm, Alicante

Hej, jag heter Daniel™. I'm an Entrepreneur, Civil Engineer and a Speaker. People often ask me what I do. There is not a job title in the world that can describe it, so I came up with one. You can call me Internet Wizard.

I'm developing brands + their web sites. I help them grow with a data driven approach through Online Marketing, analytics and mainly tools from my toolbox. I love to focus on User Experience and sometimes I even make videos.

I advise numerous of founders strategically when it comes to Branding, UX, Online Marketing, founder related questions, Growth and Venture Capital.

I teach the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and I speak occasionally.