Orbit° is a bureau that helps industry leaders of today to face the challanges of tomorrow. Orbit works closely with their clients to help them identify disruptive technologies that are likely to change their playing field. These focus areas are called circle, e.g. artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, Biotech, Nanomaterials and sensor networks etc.

After extensive brainstorming and dictionary research we fell in love with the name Orbit°. In the dictionary you may read the fitting explanation: Orbit, /ˈɔːbɪt/ - a sphere of activity, influence, interest, or application..

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Nomad - by Sami is a catering company in Alicante (Spain) that offers "real" food delivered to companies and gyms. Nomad takes pride in focusing on a paleo diet and prioritize ecological, seasonal, local products with high nutrional density. Meanwhile they avoid processed ingridients, cereals and sugar.

The paleo diet is sometimes reffered to the caveman diet. This kind of hunter & gatherer diet required people to wander around vast landscapes back in the days. This got us thinking about Nomad which is a suiting name. In the logo you find a symbol derived from the indigenous people of Sweden that coincidentally share the same name as the owner, Sami. This symbol is a "sun cross" that symbolizes both the wheel and ofcourse the sun. After all, the sun is the originating source to all our food. As a bonus, the symbol is often considered to represent the four seasons which goes well in hand with the seasonal meals the company offers.

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